Planning committee members at Derbyshire County Council will meet on Monday 5 February to decide on the council's position over a proposal by INEOS to explore shale gas reserves off Bramleymoor Lane in Marsh Lane near Eckington.


The proposals are already set to be considered by a Planning Inspector at a public inquiry on 19 June as part of an appeal. The appeal was started by INEOS in December because it was not prepared to allow more time for the council to make a decision on its planning application. 


Once the committee has decided on the council's position it will be sent to the Planning Inspector to be taken into account when deciding whether or not to grant planning permission for development on Bramleymoor Lane. 


The meeting is being streamed live online so that people who are unable to make the meeting can watch either as it happens or later. You will also find links to the agenda and the planning report which the committee will consider.


If you’re watching after the meeting has finished, use the links in the timeline to jump to a specific agenda item or speaker. 


To find out what you will need to be able to watch online or for troubleshooting technical problems please go to the help section for information.

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